Hello and Happy Monday,
We are just about a full week into 2019 and my 3-week vacation is over. I’ve had a busy weekend of teaching leading my yoga teacher training program, and the first day of the 4-week Homecoming workshop I’m leading Aurora Hutchinson started yesterday. It was wonderful to be back! I know I’m biased, but the workshop I’m leading with Aurora at Sun & Moon Yoga Studio is really fantastic. (There are still spots to join in)
This month we are focusing on Brahmacharya – non-excess – and the timing is perfect as we start a new year. As I have reflected on what this means to me, immediately I thought about food & exercise and how there is always that “January Clean Eating” group I get invited to, or the Strava challenge of walking a certain amount in a period of time, or the Peloton challenges of riding a certain amount of times in a month. I’ve done all those challenges, I’m even doing the Peloton one now
But that’s not what I’ve decided to write about, instead it’s about self-care vs self-rescue.
Self-care is a habit/ritual that we do REGULARLY (that’s a key word) to take care of ourselves. For example, work-life balance, proper sleep, healthy diet, stress management. Self-Rescue, is just that – a rescue.

When we don’t spend time practicing self-care we can become vulnerable, we can be tired and worn out and agitated and irritable and require, I don’t know, perhaps a 3-week vacation from it all. Um…. 👉ME👈
I didn’t know it, I didn’t realize it. Things (Christmas and New Years) lined up for me to take the break I didn’t really feel I needed, but logistically, conceptually, I knew I needed. I get so much from my classes. I love teaching. When I’m teaching I’m learning, I’m living, I’m thriving. Why would I need a long break?
As a lot of you know, I had some big changes happen in 2018. I lead my first international yoga retreat in Guatemala, I sold the home I owned with my ex-husband (that I had been living in for 10 years), I moved into a rental home with Joe and my kids, I started offering yoga classes out of my home, I built a home from the ground up with Joe, Joe and I got engaged, and we all moved into that new home and filled it with furniture. Yes, they were all amazing changes that were filled with happiness and they were also taxing changes to my mind, body and soul. I’m not about to count, but I know I did not take enough days off last year. There was no balance. This is not living within the ethical guidelines of Brahmacharya or even this “yogic lifestyle” I’m trying to live, which, in my opinion, is much more than showing up to my mat and using a neti pot. I need to hold myself accountable to these yamas and niyamas. I need to find equanimity in my life.
I encourage you this week to see where you might be doing the same thing. Are you making enough time for yourself? Is there a balance? Brahmacharya means non-excess, are you taking too much, or taking too-little?
Thank you for reading. I am looking forward to seeing you back on the mat this week.
My in-home classes start back up this week! I have a yoga class on Thursday at 9:30am and Pilates for Yogis at 9:30am on Friday.
Also, every other Friday night, starting on Jan 18, I offer a yoga class at 6:30pm and the first Sunday of each month, yoga at 8am. There are also opportunities for private lessons, which could include, yoga, pilates, philosophy or anything else you can think of!
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