Well, September went fast.  Turns out having a big brother at school has made Kindergarten transition easier than I imagined.  
During those first two weeks we did Kissing Hands almost every morning.  I think I probably kissed my own hand more than they did those days.  
The lunch notes have been fun.  Michael noticed in that first week that I “had a lot to do” between making both lunches, making breakfast, making coffee, and drawing a note.  Don’t worry, he quickly forgot and has asked me to give him a tissue from a box right next to him.  
As usual, Michael loves whatever I draw for him and while he has a say, knows I have limits.  Melissa likes to add her own flair to almost every note.  She tell me exactly what to draw, wants to color it in, and would like to add her own fact or tell me what to write for the day.    Some days I let go and let her color in a puppy with two tones of pink or let her color in the multi-colored leaves on the fall tree.  
We are looking forward to the rest of Fall – watching the leaves turn back to their original colors, pumpkin picking, apple picking, Halloween and all the goodness in between.  
Happy Fall Everyone!