Hello and Happy Monday,
What a week! My children were on Spring Break and we all got a taste of summer. Admittedly, I love when they are home with me and there is no school. I also love school and have the highest respect for teachers! But there is something special about having the entire day together, sleeping in and not rushing. We had a laid back week – playing in the yard, making soap, creating and planting “Melissa’s Garden”, watching movies, and going on our first family bike ride.
It’s the last full week of April and I’m still focusing on Santosha – complete contentment. It’s definitely a concept that is difficult for me. 

Last week I got some great advice from one of my favorite people. We were talking about opinions and I was sharing some feedback I recently received, and he told me “what other people think of you, is none of your business”. It’s been resonating with me and I’ve been thinking about it every day. In fact, I’ve written down every time someone shares with me their view of me, then I rip it up and throw it away. As I have written in the last few weeks, I do not handle receiving criticism well. In fact, I can become defensive about said critique and can’t let it go. I’ll share the criticism with my friends and keep bringing it up until I’m over it. Which can take a while. I think, like most, getting negative feedback can be difficult. With that said, I am also not great at accepting compliments. While I may brush them off, I have learned to say thank you, meanwhile inside there is a whole story happening.

We can never be truly content if we allow others to determine our value. Remember, what other people think of us is none of our business. And frankly, it doesn’t matter. Could we actually do this? Could we stop caring so much of what others think of us? We are our own worst critic so why do we need other opinions mucking it up? Could we build up ourselves on our own? Could we find contentment there, minding our own business?
What do you think?
With Love,