“Be who you are and say what you mean
because those who mind don’t matter
and those who matter don’t mind.”
Dr. Seuss
Hello and Happy Thanksgiving,
We are still focusing on Satya, truth. And this week I’m talking about the translation of being truthful in one’s thought, speech and action. 
I’m so happy this is a short week for many of you. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays – there are no gifts involved and we get to eat so many delicious foods.
If my theme for the month is truthfullness, I’ll admit, I’m not the best gift giver. I have the greatest intentions of finding and getting the perfect gifts and then I forget about my ideas, and all of a sudden, it’s the night before the event and I have nothing. I used to be better at this but somehow it got pushed down my priority list. And I am really ok with that!!
This year I’m lessened my Christmas load with telling the kids they are getting only three things; something they want, something they need and something to read. I’ve have wanted to do this since they were babies, but it didn’t happen, so I’m implementing this year. It seems easy enough, but it’s a big change and I’m struggling just a little. Turns out it’s easy to just buy lot of things for them. Yet, creating more meaning with the gifts I’m getting for them, since there aren’t many, takes some more time. But I’m all in.

This past week I have used the Ganesha mantra, Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha. Ganesha is the half boy half elephant baby, you might have seen him in a yoga studio, and the remover of obstacles. The mantra means, salutations to the remover of obstacles.”
We all know that whatever we focus on we give power to. Focus could be where we spend our physical time and mental time. After a few days of focusing on my obstacles, I knew my focus was probably not in the right place. That I needed to not just focus on all the things in my way, or even the opportunities they hold, but all the amazing wonderful things happening right now. And truly, there is so much.
I received some great wisdom this week from a very good friend, he said, “some walls aren’t walls, they’re doors. In my art, many times I feel like I’ve totally f’d up the picture; but, often these mistakes are happy accidents that send me in a different direction…usually for the better. Sometimes the “obstacle” is a teaching moment that you can turn into an advantage.”
Yes – all the “hard” things in life are teaching moments, it’s up to us to recognize and see that though.

Truthfully, I am so very grateful for you all – for not just reading my messages, but emailing me back, supporting me by showing to class and giving me the push to be a better me. Thank You. 
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In love and gratitude, 


Ganesh or Ganesha – the remover of obstacles