Happy Snow Day!
Finally, the snow has arrived! We were so excited to wake up and see so much snow! Michael and Melissa spent much of the day outside playing with friends; sledding, creating a snow fort and building a snowwoman, with a snow child. Joe shoveled and cleaned off cars and I got to catch up on things I had been putting off. Yesterday was one of those perfect days. Where time seemed to slow down, where we all seemed to be aware and living in the present moment. Hearing the kids play outside with neighborhood friends, having a cozy home and a fire lit for them to come into to warm up along with hot chocolate and blueberry muffins, it was superb.  Yesterday gave me all the feels, and I felt like I was living consistent with brahmacharya.

Brahmacharya, which means conduct consistent with Brahma. Brahman is the creator, so conduct or behavior consistent with the creator, or the divine. What I try to remember is that brahmacharya is a means, not an end. To practice this, would be to restrain from what will keep us away from being connected to the divine or our light inside.
What we learn is that the divine is in all of us – we may call it other things – light, God, Jah. I believe that it all means the same thing and it lives within us all. Some of us are trying to shed the layers to let our divinity shine, our light shine, and practicing yoga helps. Some of us restrain from eating meat, or animal products not just because of ethical reasons, but because it makes us feel great. Same with restraining from watching the news (me) because I don’t want to see anymore conflict in the world. Or some of us restraining from having too much stuff, hence, the minimalist movement. And all of the restraining helps us feel more connected with our Self. It allows our light to shine its brightest.
The minimalist movement is a great way to understand Brahmacharya. When we don’t have the stuff to focus on, when we aren’t being fulfilled by our new sweater or instapot, we can focus on finding that fulfillment within ourselves.
Moving twice last year helped me get rid of a lot of stuff. And while I still may have a lot of things and wouldn’t call myself a minimalist, I know that the things we have don’t bring me happiness and peace, instead, happiness and peace is cultivated within myself. We all know this. We just forget because things are shiny and pretty or cool and we NEED them to feel awesome for a short while. It’s difficult sometimes, when we see what others have and feel that if we just had that one perfect thing then our life would be so much better. The thing is, the shiny things we are attracted to are sometimes just distractions from the shiny bright light within us. Let’s shine our light this week. Make note of what you are holding back from and what you gravitate towards. Notice if you are connected to your Self. Let’s have more superb, full of feels days. 
Shine On,
With Love,