This past week brought about abrupt change. The weather shifted!! I love summer and the heat. But I also love the fall; the cool, crisp air, the sweaters, and boots, and my hair. Oh, my hair is no longer frizzy and it’s so much easier to manage – it’s these things in life that really matter, right?!
When looking back at my week and how I tried to stick with the #mefirst initiative, I quickly got frustrated when by Thursday I realized I hadn’t stuck to the plan. I was tired and cranky and even on Friday, when I knew I needed to pay attention to myself, I wound up doing everything for everybody else. I remembered that things take time. And when we try to do things too quickly we sometimes lose steam, or mess up, or make a mistake, and it’s OK.
This is something I always tell my kids, “It’s ok to make mistakes, we all make mistakes”. I know I have made many parenting mistakes, it’s not like my kids came home with guidebooks, so sometimes I feel like I’m winging it. And it’s a great lesson, because when I mess up, they always say, “it’s ok, momma, everyone makes mistakes”. Phew.
And this week, I’ll try again. It’s a big week too, we are moving on Friday! So, there are lots of moving parts this week and I know how important it is to put myself first.
One of the practices I shared with my stretch class last Wednesday, was one I’d like to share with you now: Please get a piece of paper and a pen and a timer (I used the one on my phone).
Please take the next minute to fill in the blank with as many words as you can
Now, look at those words and notice where you feel them in your body. Take a few moments and breath that in.
Now, image all those words were taken away, would you, still be you?
This practice is one I go to often, because I catch myself (or Joe will say something that makes me remember what I’m doing) when I start identifying with my labels, mom, yoga teacher, resilient, funny, friend, etc. and I can feel myself attaching to those words, which do more harm to me than good. The practice of Ahimsa can be looked at from so many ways, which can make it easier to approach.
Let’s remember this week that our labels and stories do not define us. That we can find lots of excuses to not do the things we most need to do. So, “first, do no harm”, or in Latin,” primum non nocere”
If you are looking for extra meditation this week, I’ll be at Radiance Yoga on Tuesday, tomorrow, October 23 at 5:30pm for a half hour meditation. Would love to see you there. You can sign up here: Meditation with Jess
With Love,