Hello and Happy Monday, 

Today is Memorial Day and while some of you have the day off, or have spent the weekend away, some of you are mourning the loss of a loved one. Today I am honoring every soldier that didn’t come home. Today I send love to those whose father, mother, sister, brother, son, or daughter didn’t make it back.  Today I thank those that have given their lives to something bigger than themselves. Giving us, me, Freedom.

Today also happens to be the anniversary of my move to Virginia, 14 years ago. I had moved to DC in the early 90s and then went back to New Jersey. Getting out of NJ, which I knew would be my final time, felt like freedom. New Jersey is a beautiful state and I was privileged to grow up in a quaint town just minutes away from NYC, but I did not thrive in NJ, instead, I felt trapped. Moving provided me with freedom. 

In yoga, the ultimate goal is freedom. Complete detachment from basically everything. While I strive for this goal, I know I am far from it, yet, I can still experience freedom in many ways. 

How are you spending today? 
How do you define freedom?

With Love,