Hello and Happy Monday,
I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving. We held our first Friendsgiving and it was so much fun. It was last minute and we were so very grateful for the friends that could make it. And, well, here we are, the last week in November. It can’t be just me, the end of the year seems to fly by so quickly, don’t you agree? This week’s focus is still on Satya, Truthfulness. And I had a few “Ah-Ha” moments last week.
After my Practice what you Preach email, I heard from a lot of you. Some wanted to know what happened, some wanted to make sure I was ok, some just reached out to say, I can relate! And while chatting with some of you, I had an “ah-ha”. I realized that whenever someone creates more work for me to do, I get annoyed. I pride myself on being efficient and doing things the best way the first time. Now, I’m also human and I’ve become a lot easier on myself when I “fail” to do this. (a lot easier is still pretty hard on myself, I’m just less harsh.)
I feel that I have a pretty full plate, and I’m glad I do. I don’t just show up and teach, there is so much that goes into all I do, the teaching classes is the “easy” part. The prepping and planning for retreats, workshops, and my own continuing education feels like a full job in and of itself. Add on top, my two kids. Someone last week asked if it was easier for me (to do all I do) because I don’t see my kids every day, because I have shared custody. This person wasn’t judging me, or assuming, they honestly wanted to know. In some ways, not having my kids every day makes life easy, I don’t have to worry about pick-ups or drop-offs, dinners that everyone will eat, bedtime stories, you get the idea, all the things that children require but I don’t want to list because it’s what I’m missing out on. In truth, I miss them when they are not with me, I actually like spending time with my kids, and yes, they can be very annoying at times, but they are my dreams come true. In fact, I teach the bulk of my classes on Monday’s and Tuesday’s, when I don’t have them, for two reasons. One is my schedule is open for me to teach because I don’t have them, and two, the more I teach the more I am distracted from from missing them. So, I don’t know if it’s easier to not have my kids every day. I guess from a logistics, scheduling sense, yes. But from an emotional, mental load, maybe not. Not for me.
And when it’s my days with my kids, the last thing I want to do is add to my work and mental load, especially when the work is created from the same mistakes happening over and over. So anytime more work is created I get annoyed, because in the end, it takes me away from my kids even more than I already am.
The yamas and niyamas are something I have always tried to live by and share with my children. Being honest and telling the truth has always been a priority. So, this week I will continue. When I pick up my kids on Wednesday we are going to create Christmas lists and get a tree and do all the things we can in the time we have together. *** on being 100% truthful ***  Both my children still believe in Santa. Michael has asked me to tell the truth, “if Santa is real”, and I told him,” if I tell you the truth, Christmas might not be the same”. He told me not to tell him. After all, if you believe in Santa, then he is real.
You don’t need me to tell you to cherish the time you have with your loved ones. We all know how precious life is. Perhaps make it your intention this week to have a truthful conversation with someone you love. Maybe that conversation is difficult, and if so reach out. I’m happy to listen and, if I’ve been through something similar, let you know how it worked out for me. 
In love and truth,