Hello and Happy Monday,
It’s February!! One of the best things I’ve ever done is make a yearly calendar with pictures of my children from the previous month and year. And when I flipped to February I remembered that the last two February’s we have had unseasonable weather – over 80 degrees. This year’s February picture is of my kids in bathing suits in the back yard. And guess what? I think we will get that day on Thursday!
This month my focus is on Aparigraha (Ap-are-e-gra-ha) which is a common theme in so many yoga classes – it’s the non-possessiveness, non-greediness, and non-attachment. As we all know, the act of letting go, reaches beyond yoga. And there is so much to let go of.

I remember when I first started teaching I practically said yes to every teaching job I was offered. This quickly filled my schedule and in the beginning it was great to be teaching so much, but I soon realized that when I wasn’t working I was spending my all ready little free time with my kids and I had no time left for myself. 
A good friend of mine suggested I write out my schedule and color code it to see the bigger picture and to help me decide on how to rearrange my teaching schedule. It was startling. Once I added in commute time and prep time, I was working every single day and had only small pockets of “free” time. I knew I had to make a change, but I was hesitant and scared and sad. I was hesitant to drop a class or classes because I worked so hard to get them, scared because what if I couldn’t pay my bills without the extra income, and what if the students that had come to all my classes, that I had grown to really like, wouldn’t follow me to the other classes & studios I was teaching at. Having my own free time didn’t seem worth it. But this is all the “F.E.A.R”! Remember – False Evidence Appearing Real. The reality is, when you let go, you make room for new things.
And that’s exactly what happened. It took a while, but I let go of 4 classes with a promise that I would agree to nothing new for 6 months. I gave myself 2 full days off. To tell you I was happy would be a lie. I was nervous and full of fear. What if this plan was the worst ever???
Of course It turned out to be great. In fact, I loved that time off so much, I found a renewed energy to spend time on creating valuable workshops, class ideas and eventually retreats. It allowed me to restore my faith in the universe that it’s always providing and it opened up my schedule for opportunities I couldn’t have imagined. My classes changed and some of the practitioners from the classes I left found me and showed up to my other classes. It all worked out.
This is an ongoing balance. I find myself going back to that color coded excel spreadsheet to see if I have slipped back into old habits, or making promises to myself to not agree to anything new and being picky with what I say yes to. And what I learned is that as long as I stay open & available with my time the right opportunities arise.  
If it wasn’t for that work I would have never found or made the time for this blog. And I thank you so very much for reading it. 
As Elsa says, Let It Go,
WIth love,