In 2014 my first born started Kindergarten.  I was excited and nervous, like most moms of their first going off to school for a long,long day.  
I remembered that when I was in elementary school, my mom wrote a little note on the napkin in my lunch box.  Michael and I have been drawing pictures since he was little so I decided to write him a little note with a rocket ship wishing him a great first day.

​ This would be the year he would learn a ton of new things, including being away from me for almost 8 hours.  Or really, maybe it would be the year I learned how to be away from him for 8 hours.  He loved the note, so I did one every day.  Some were really creative, some had facts, some were colorful, some were really good, and all were done at the kitchen table after I made his lunch, while he ate breakfast, in about 5 minutes.  
(See them all www.instagram.com/shantimommie)

Every day, Michael brought home all his lunch notes and I saved them.  At the end of the year, we bought a photo album and put all the notes in it, in date order.  First grade has come and gone and we have another filled photo album.  

This year, my youngest, my little Melissa is starting Kindergarten.  I am up for the challenge of drawing two notes, in addition to making two lunches, getting two kids ready, and learning how to be away from both of them all day after a fun filled summer.  

Join me TOMORROW, September 6, in reading their #lunchboxart & schoollunchfun!!