Hello and Happy Monday, 

Let me just start with training a puppy is HARD! It’s opened many opportunities for me and Joe have to have conversations about expectations, ideas on how to train, and it has exposed our different beliefs on how we feel we should be raising this puppy. 

Let me also express my gratitude here for all the conscious communication work we have both done, without it, I don’t think I would be writing this blog. (Instead probably sitting in my steaming anger, feeling hurt and resentful over what was mostly not said between us)

While talking about all these opportunities with a friend last week, and mentioning how I wanted things done versus how Joe wanted to, she jokingly said, “you mean, the right way”. I paused and also laughed. 10 years ago I would have definitely thought my way was the right way. Now I know my way is just that – my way. 

So today, I’m celebrating the growth, the communication hurdles, and the opportunities as big wins! And that Freddie rang the bell to go outside. (only one time and then later peed in the house, but he rang the bell 😂)

What part of your growth are you grateful for and want to celebrate this week?

With Love,