Hello and Happy Monday,
It’s December!! The last month of our year and we have come to the third Yama; Asteya, non-stealing. It’s appropriate this month as sometimes we feel like time is flying so fast it’s being stolen from us.
There are so many ways to interpret non-stealing, beyond the obvious, don’t take what doesn’t belong to you. In fact, I could probably spend the next year talking about this Yama each week.
For today and this week, I’m going to focus on being late.
Last week, I observed a yoga class taught by one of my teachers. This is so helpful for me as a teacher, because when I take class, I just want to take class, not take mental notes of what I could use, or how the class is helping me – instead, I go to yoga to get out of my head. I left with plenty of time to get to the class, I like to arrive early. But when I got on the parkway there was a lot of traffic. Even though I knew where I was going, I used my gps to estimate my arrival time and it said I would arrive 1 minute before class started. I could instantly feel tightness in my chest and throat. I texted my teacher to let her know, and she was totally ok with it. Needless to say, traffic cleared and I arrived 10 min before class time. To me, I still felt rushed, but I was nowhere near late. After class my teacher and I grabbed a bite to eat and we got to talking about this. Dissecting and examining why lateness bothers me so much and how it is a big issue for a lot of people. I brought up Asteya. We agreed that by being late we steal the other person(s) time. Which is so true. I knew that if I showed up late to the class, I would be a distraction to the others in class. I see this when someone shows up late to one of my classes. Those that were centering, now open their eyes, looking to see who arrived. And sometimes that dreadful thing happens, when the late person slaps down their mat. YIKES. Most of the time when that happens that person looks at me with a look of embarrassment – something the other practioners can’t see.
When we are late to appointments we leave people waiting for us, and sometimes we don’t know what it took for the other person to get there on time. I am much more forgiving of people being late these days, but it wasn’t always like that. I understand that there is traffic and, I want to be clear, I’m not talking about a once in a while lateness, or even being late to class (I’m always glad people are showing up to their mats), I am talking about recurring tardiness, chronic lateness to meetings, appointments, parties, you get the drift. We all know and love these people in our lives or perhaps you are one of these people.
I used to think that those that were late, were so simply because they didn’t care, they didn’t really want to be where they were at. I was projecting. Anytime I have been late (once again, recurring/chronic lateness) it’s because I didn’t want to be there. Anything I had put off prior to the event I would all of a sudden need to do. Like decide to organize the messy draw of pens and paper. This created a lot of angst. I can’t remember when I stopped thinking this way, it’s been a while, and I know that lateness is a real thing that many people struggle with. And personally, I just want to know what’s going on – who likes waiting? We have the ability to text and call at our fingertips, “running late, be there soon” takes a few seconds to type and send and can send relief to the other person. Also, I’ve read when showing up late, saying “thank you for waiting” instead of “I’m sorry”.
This week notice where you could be stealing time from another. Perhaps you are the one always waiting – maybe it’s time to have a conversation with the person you are always waiting for and use Ahimsa and Satya to help you. Same if you are the late one, perhaps it’s time to look within and find out what’s going on.
Wishing everyone a very happy holiday season.
We lit the Menorah last night to celebrate the first night of Hanukkah. I love the story of the Maccabees and the great miracle. If you don’t know I’m happy to share it with you.
Much love,
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