Hello and Happy Monday, 

I’ve been thinking a lot about this past year. The many obstacles it provided and also the many opportunities. There is that duality in everything. Sometimes it’s a shift in our own perspective and sometimes it’s someone else having the complete opposite experience. When I think about this last year, I think I was just surviving. Days turned into weeks and months. I had a schedule of activities, record this on Mondays, do this on Tuesdays, and so on. Yet then, if I shift my perspective, I think I was thriving this past year. I shifted my entire business online. I showed up consistently, I worked on myself, I provided support for my children. Yes, days turned into months, but there was a purpose behind it all. 

In March, I moved where I record my classes into our basement bedroom. I wanted to open my studio up so I would be ready to start seeing people in it again (I’m seeing fully vax’d people!!). I worked with Liz O’Hare, a local lifestyle planner & organizer to help me with the setup of my new space. (She is amazing to work with and my space isn’t even completed yet, but I think looks amazing.) While I’m still working on it, I moved our Fiddle Leaf Fig into the space. Joe and I received that plant as a wedding gift and it has thrived in our living room since. I’ve been watching and noticed the Fiddle plant didn’t have any new leaves, which it regularly grows, and that some of the leaves had holes and some browning. I knew that this plant didn’t like to be moved into new environments, so I was giving it some time to adjust while I watered it the same, making sure it got similar sun, even dancing the stems, but it just wasn’t growing. I moved it back into our living room and replaced it with a different plant. And I had a realization. 

Just because something looks good somewhere doesn’t mean it’s going to grow. Just because the environments are similar, they are not the same. Just because it’s surviving doesn’t mean it’s thriving. And then I realized it’s the same with us. Look around. Who surrounds you? Are you supported? What’s your environment like? Is it pleasant to look at? What do you fill your days with? Does it light you up? A no to any of that could mean maybe you aren’t thriving the way you could be. 

Sometimes we can’t see it – I believe we get in our own way all the time. If you are feeling you are in your own way, or if you are surviving and want to thrive, let me know. I would love to help. 

Here’s to a thriving life, 
With Love,