Hello and Happy Monday, 

This past week has been a blur. My children are back in school, yoga in the park started up, and I’m working on some new things for summer and fall that have me occupied. 

At some point last year I started listening to audiobooks. I had never done that before and thought why not. I can listen while on a walk or when cooking dinner, since sitting still and reading was proving to cause my little attention span to dwindle to nothing. In one of the first books I listened to, I kept hearing the author say, TLDR. This means, because I did not know, “Too Long, Didn’t Read”. This meant I would have to actually get the book to read the part she skipped over – maybe, I didn’t really pay attention that well during that first book, but that’s not the point.

The point is, how many times have you skimmed, skipped, or scanned an email, a document, a book? Maybe you don’t, maybe you are nothing like me and read every word of everything that is put in front of you. Who am I joking!?!? We all are more alike than different. 

TLDR has become something I say to myself when I find that I am skimming and skipping over things. It’s given me a way to meet my little attention span with grace. It’s allowed me to not be so hard on myself by giving me a fun way of labeling what I’m doing. 

I started these weekly emails to write my perspective on the yamas and niyamas of yoga. I am well past that at this point, but try week after week to keep you engaged and to come to class! Shocker – I want you to attend my classes! I hope I keep wanting to write week after week, and that I get to see you too. 

You can see me on zoom this week: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday and Live on Thursday at Braddock Interim Park. I’m getting vaccinated next week which means in-person privates will be starting very soon in my studio. 

With Love,