Hello and Happy Monday, 

Being away is great, being home is even greater (for me). It took me a long time to really feel that way, and I’m truly grateful that I love being in my home. It’s safe, comfortable, and nurturing. I also love that first week home from vacation when I reminisce on the previous weeks’ adventures. 

For as long as I can remember, I have thought parasailing would be fun. Even though I am terrified of heights, don’t like roller coasters, and when I tried trapeze, I thought giving birth again would be a better choice (if you know my birth stories – they weren’t easy, so that says a lot). Yet, when the opportunity arose while on vacation, I said yes. 

Let me just say, I have an easier time doing things for others than I have for myself. If you read each week, you know this, and that it’s something I am working on. 

The “Do It All – Watersport Aventure” is 6 hours on the water packed with jetskiing, snorkeling, parasaling, waterpark and more! I agreed because I knew it would be a fun experience, especially for the kids. Let’s just say, the ride out for parasailing was anything but a “fun” adventure. I could feel my uneasiness, I could feel my heartrate rise, I could feel the dryness in my mouth. We were with another family of 4 and a group of 4 women. Michael and I were the second last to go and Melissa and Joe were the last. We watched the duos go and get hooked in, some with looks of hesitancy, come back with exhilration. It unfortunately didn’t ease my suffering. Even with all I know about suffering, I could find that deep inner calm. Yet, when it was time for us to go, I smiled and if you didn’t guess already, I loved it. Every. Single. Minute. Of. It! It was amazing, peaceful, calming and everything I always imagined it would be. It turned out, how it looked was exactly how it felt, graceful. 

I would love to know your experience with how something looked versus how it went for you. 

Check out our pictures below. I haven’t seen Melissa smile so big for so long in a long time. 

Hope to see you live in person this week!! 

With Love,