Hello and Happy Monday, 

I have a lot on my mind today. School starts tomorrow for Michael and Melissa. 7th and 5th grades. It will be Michael’s real experience with middle school, including lockers, changing for gym class, and all the other things that go along with middle school. Melissa is in her last year of elementary school, a school that has provided so much consistency throughout her life along with the strong community we have built there. 

I am worried about the unknown for school. I hope that they stay in school for as long as they can. There is so much talk about contingency plans (or lack thereof) for covid cases, I’m not sure how I can be at ease.

Friday is Michael’s 13th birthday. Thirteen! It’s surreal that he is going to be a teenager and the inevitable growing up seems to be happening at a speed I don’t necessarily like. 

And Monday is my own birthday. F O R T Y S E V E N *gulp* seems like that snuck up on me. 

So much has happened in my last 47 years, so much in the past 13 years, and even more in the 5 years since they were both in elementary school together. 

These have led me to carry a lot of worry. My yoga teachings would remind me that is unnecessary, but I can’t seem to shake it. I try to remember that there were moments that shaped my life that I had no control over. Some of them were the most wonderful, magical even, events. I remember that things aren’t good or bad, and the more I try to define them, the more I am trying to make myself feel better or give meaning to something that might have nothing to do with me. I remember that we are all figuring it out as we go and no one received a handbook on this thing called life. 

What are YOU going through right now? What are you carrying onto? 

I will leave you with a quote from one of my favorite humans, John Lennon, “Everything will be ok in the end, and if it’s not ok, it’s not the end.”

With Love,