Hello and Happy Monday,
What a week! I started last week in Old Town and ended the week in Peru! The trek here was exhausting but so worth it. My international retreat has started off wonderfully, and I am thrilled with how the week will unfold.
I was slightly concerned with the altitude here in Peru and getting sick. I read a few articles on what altitude sickness feels like and when we arrived in Cusco – after being awake for over 24 hours – I was wobbly, getting a headache, and maybe even a little nauseous. Immediately, my mind went right to the articles I read and I thought for a moment, I have altitude sickness. Then I remembered I was exhausted, and I needed sleep. I quickly changed my thoughts, thoughts have power. Remember, where we put our focus we give power. “I feel great” is what has been buzzing in my head since that moment.
Saucha, our focus this month, encompasses this and so much more. Since I am not at home and we are staying at a retreat center for a week, as soon as we checked in, before we napped, Joe and I took all our clothes out of their bags and put them away. We cleaned up the areas in our room so they are tidy. It feels really good when things are clean and organized. I tend to be messy, it’s something that I don’t like about my habits. What I’ve realized is, being consistent with cleaning up is one of those things that I don’t prioritize. In the beginning the mess is little, I forget to put one thing away then two, then 10 and there is a mess. Papers everywhere, pens everywhere, piles. It defeats the purpose, as I work much better in a clean space than a messy one. Saucha is just that –  in order to get to a place of calmness, surrender, and peace, we’ve got to clear out the clutter. Not just the papers and pens, but the incessant thoughts. How could you practice yoga with stuff all over your mat? How could you meditate when your mind is filled with everything happening in your life? I’d say it’s pretty difficult. Even if your desk is clean, are you facing a window? What does it look out on? Construction or a landscape? Everything we see we are taking in, and we know that makes an impact. 

Notice what’s around you this moment. Notice if it has an influence on how you feel and on what you are thinking? What steps can you do to change what you see, to clean up things on the outside to help with all that’s going on on the inside. 

Let me know what tips you have in keeping organized – I can use all the help I can get, and I know Joe would appreciate it. 

With Love,