Hello & Happy Monday, 
It’s hard to believe January is almost over. I want to ask how, but that’s not the word today. Instead, the question I most ask myself is “Why?”  Why do I do the things I do, Why I show up in the way I do, Why I react or respond in the way I do. I think these are really important. 

Last week in my Tuesday night Pilates for Yogi’s class I told everyone during a 2 min plank that they were so lucky to be there. WHY? It may not seem obvious, but for some of us just getting out of bed might be a struggle. There are many people that cannot afford a studio or gym membership. There are many people that have to work two jobs to support their family and don’t take the time for themselves. There are lots of other why’s that I went into during class, I’m sure you can think of your own. 

If we can determine our why, we can live with purpose and we can stay focused on what matters. This is not just Brahmacharya, but an entire “yogic lifestyle” or just a healthy lifestyle to lead. 

In the book of Sutras, where we find much more than the yamas and niyamas, I have lots of favorites and this is one I try to follow. It’s sutra 1.20. This sutra describes the 5 characteristics you need to be a yogi and obtain bliss, for us (we are the others (ITARESHAM) not born as yogis).
ŚRADDHĀFaith OR Personal Conviction – You ARE worth it!
VĪRYAStrength OR Vitality, vigor, indominable will
SMRITIMemory OR that which we remember that strengthens our results
SAMADHIContemplation OR When there is no difference between objects then there is complete absorption
I can only tell you my Whys. And I’d like to share Why I teach yoga. I love the practice of yoga. Learning the history, philosophy and the asana (postures) make my mind and body feel good. To be able to share that with others and guide them makes me feel incredibly honored. My why for how I teach is based off my background and how I was taught. I believe everyone is welcome in my classes. In a world where we are not ever sure if we belong, my goal is to offer a space where all feel welcomed. Teaching has been little about me and more about all of you, and I credit my success to that!
Thank you so much for reading!
Much love,