Hi and Happy Monday,
We are still focusing on Asteya, non-stealing and remember it’s much more than just taking from others. Last week’s email about being late is something that comes up in every Teacher Training program, ones I have led and ones I have been in, so I feel like it’s the “obvious” Asteya analogy. Yet, the more I dive into Asteya, what it means is something that I think hits home with a lot of us. It’s the feeling of not being enough. We think we don’t have perfect tings…  the perfect house, the perfect body, a hefty retirement fund, the perfect yoga posture, and these create that feeling of lacking, that we are not enough. We crave to fill that void. Sadly, a lot of us don’t realize that the material things, the external worldly things, won’t fill the void; once I have a six pack, it will be perfect, once I go to Paris, all my dreams will come true, you get the point. And in a time where gift giving is at its highest, let’s take a moment to think about what we really need versus what will fill the void.
Personally, I have always had a hard time at Christmas. I’ve never really wanted anything – I’ve always felt like I have so much already. A few years ago, my children were so upset because all that was under the tree for me were new sheets for my bed. I needed the sheets so I bought them to give myself from Santa, but I forgot to get myself anything else, because I didn’t really need anything, and Michael and Melissa thought it was very sad that I only got one thing and that it was SHEETS! I explained to them that I didn’t need anything, that I had what I needed. Reality is, even the things I think I want won’t, fill the void, or make me feel like I am enough. A Vitamix isn’t going to make me feel loved, a new pet vacuum isn’t going to make me the best neighbor, the latest and greatest gadget isn’t going to give me those six pack abs. I have to do that myself. I have to do the work, I have to walk the walk and talk the talk and practice every single day. And when I do that, I am no longer stealing, but instead, giving back.
Let’s notice this week where we feel like we need to fill the void. Or maybe acknowledge that feeling of needing -that’s when the desires, the wants, ultimately the greed, come into play. Know that when you feel like you are lacking, that it’s time to remember that we have the ability to create what we need from within ourselves. You are enough, I am enough, we are enough. Repeat it often to yourself this week. 
And I’ve been craving that time. I’ve been wanting to do the work without distractions, so I’ve decided o give myself some time. For the first time ever in my teaching career, I am taking 3 weeks off from teaching!!
This week (Dec 10-14) I’ll be teaching my last classes until 2019. If you’d like to see me on the mat, I’ll be at Radiance Yoga on Monday at 9:30am and 6:15pm for yoga flow and Wednesday at 8:30am for Pilates for Yogis. I’ll be at Old Town Sport and Health on Wednesday at 10:30am for stretch (restorative yoga) and Friday at 1pm for Yoga flow. Come see me before I take my break.
I will be teaching on January 1 for my annual New Year’s Day Heart Opening Workshop – which is always so much fun. And back to my regular schedule on Jan 7, 2019.
Also, If you haven’t looked into signing up for my Homecoming Workshop with Aurora Hutchinson, please consider doing so. It’s a 4-week workshop that we have poured our hearts and heads into. This is a journey through body, mind, and emotions with science based evidence and yoga philosophy and wisdom to guide you. You will walk away with tools to connect with yourself and others on a deep and meaningful level. Click here to sign up.
With Love,