It’s MONDAY! And we are half way through the month.

I did it again, and more than once – I was BRAVE, I practiced Ahimsa (least harm)!!

This time it looked different, sort of.But first, I have to tell you something – I thought last week the brave part was finding out what I actually needed – and don’t get me wrong, it was hard and I had to look deep and be very honest with myself – but the really brave part was to find the space to allow that to happen. AH HA!!

Like most of us, I put myself last – now please, I’m not looking for, “oh Jess, you know better”, etc, etc. I don’t do it maliciously, I just do the stuff for everyone else first. Somehow, I got it backwards, I thought if I did all the things then I’d have time {and energy} for myself. But did you know what happens when you do all the things – or even some of the things – you get tired, like too tired to do anything for yourself, so then you think your “self-care” is putting your feet up or taking a nap. Which, don’t get me wrong, those are delicious, wonderful ways to self-care, but not the only option. I’ve been thinking this for TOO LONG. Turns out, when I put #mefirst, I have ALL THE ENERGY to do ALL THE THINGS later. Holy Shit –how did I forget this!?!?
Things had to happen for me to have this remembering. First, I had to get frustrated enough in my current situation to know that I needed a solution, {my relationship was suffering because I wasn’t telling the other person what I needed, and I couldn’t tell them because I didn’t know what it was}. Second, I had to figure out what I needed and use the tools I have to figure it out! Third, Do the work. I’d be lying if I told you that this all happened in a week. Reality is, I was frustrated for at least a week, maybe two, prior to it becoming so much that I felt the effects and needed a solution. Also, it took me almost 5 days to remember the tools that I had and go through them all before getting to the one that worked. And then finally doing the work.
Why do we do this? Why do we create so much suffering for ourselves when we hold the key for peace?
And for the other way I was Brave? I decided not to play the game of “power-struggle” – instead I kindly ended the conversation and moved on. Well, sort-of. I moved on from the conversation but then played it over in my head and shared the would be “power-struggle” with a few friends for a few days, but step by step I’m making progress.  Right – we can celebrate the small victories. I know I have two ways to look at this, one is that I didn’t move on, I was faulty and attached, that I’m in work in progress, that next time I’ll do better, OR, that I am perfect. It really is that simple.

Keep up the great work! Continue to practice Ahimsa, be brave, be courageous!
And remember it doesn’t matter the mask your bravery wears; all the work is the same work because it leads us to the same place.

I’ve added another meditation on my website – it’s a 15 min visualization. There is also a 50 minute Stretch with Jess class that was recofrded live last year in Georgie’s Pilates Loft that I have moved to my site as well. You can find both here:

I love hearing your stories, keep sending them to me!!

In Bravery & Love,