Where intention, movement, and joy unite

Jess offers classes that cultivate self-discovery. Her teachings are infused with yoga philosophy and biomechanics, creating a unique and fun experience in every class.

Live Classes

​Weekly LIVE (in person & online) Classes Include:

  • Monday 9:30 am Yoga Flow 
  • Tuesday 10:00 am Gentle Flow & 5:15 pm Yoga Flow
  • Wednesday 9:30 am Pilates for Yogis
  • Thursday 8:30 am Yoga In The Park – Braddock Interm Park
  • Friday 9:30 am Yoga & Pilates Fusion

Other Live Classes Include:

  • Private lessons (in person & online)
  • Yoga Mentoring (in person & online)
  • 200 and 300 Hour Teacher Training & Workshops
  • and so much more

Online classes are held through Zoom – make sure you have the latest version.

Yoga Teacher Training Programs

200 & 300-HOUR

Foundational & Holistic Training

The 200-hour training is a holistic approach with a focus on how to become the best version of yourself, while you also learn about yoga philosophy, yoga postures, anatomy, and becoming a fantastic teacher – if that’s what you want to do.

The 300-hour program is currently in progress.

Spring Registraton Open


“Jess is absolutely the best teacher you will find. She not only brings an incredible wealth of knowledge to her students but she is patient, funny and very respectful. I can’t wait to get to her classes each week.”

“Jess is a complete yoga teacher. It’s clear she has studied many types of yoga and she does not only teach the physical part of the practice but the mental and spiritual aspects of yoga. She makes it fun and her sense of joy gets across to all in class.”

“Jess is a mix of wholeness and wellness. She integrates positive thinking along with the healthy mind/healthy body (and always some good jams on the side).”
“I have been attending Jess’s classes since she first started teaching over 10 years ago! Her style is unique – and it’s genuine. She leads her students on journeys of self-discovery and of new understandings. It isn’t about what you do on the mat or during the class, but what you take with you when you leave. Her classes will make you stronger, inside and out. “

“​Jess is an incredible instructor. She combines clear lessons with plentiful motivation and examples. I can’t wait to get to her class every week.”

“I have taken a lot of yoga courses and don’t think I have ever had an instructor as knowledgeable, helpful and intuitive as Jess. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

“When you strike your first basic pose in one of Jess’ classes, you never know what journey you will go on that day; but without fail you will magically hear, do, or feel something perfect that you didn’t even know you needed.”
“Jess is intentional, loving and kind, and, purposeful. With a dose of yogi badass thrown in there because she is fiercely strong!”
“Jess strives to aid people in being the best versions of themselves by enabling all to practice yoga at any level. She encourages as well as challenges any yogi from beginner to advanced. Her passion for the regular practice of yoga is infectious and empowering!”
“Jess understands why yoga has such an awesome effect on a person both physically and mentally. Her classes challenge and also make practicing accessible to beginners as well as special populations who may feel they can’t do yoga. After spending time on the mat with Jess, I feel energized and ready for whatever life may throw at me. It is like magic!”
“Jess makes yoga accessible to everyone. She teaches that there isn’t one way to do yoga and connects yoga to daily life – the good stuff and the struggles. Jess always reminds us that it’s ok to be exactly where we are in that moment. “

Become a Member

Jess offers two membership levels which include unlimited access to her class library, (over 150+ classes and growing), giving you the ability to practice where and when you want. With a loaded level membership, experience the shared energy of unlimited LIVE classes along with special content in the library especially for you.

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